Protest & Demand Full Prosecution for the Murder of Sully Dog



*Protest & Demand for Strict Jail Sentence Prosecution of Jennifer Caruso (formerly Cook)

*April 19, 2016, 12:30 to 1:30 pm

*Central Municipal Court, 71 Hudson Street, Hackensack, NJ

*Hosted by Chrissy Russo-Waller of The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue &

 Kate Riviello of NoKill-NewYork.Org

 Judge Louis Dinice will preside over the hearing of Jennifer Caruso (formerly Cook) in the starvation death of the dog named Sully, a Swiss Mountain Dog, with assistant district attorney William Miller. 

 The animal rights group, NoKill-NewYork.Org, along with the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue, is demanding prosecution that fits the violation of the law and no plea be entertained in this case.   Sully was starved and dehydrated to death in which Caruso abandoned the dog to die with depraved indifference to his suffering.  The animal groups hold that there can be no excuse to have left the dog to die in such cruel fashion at 442 Crest Drive, Northvale, NJ. 

 “The District Attorney of Bergen County, Gurbir Grewal,along with ADA Miller, must set a precedent that animal abuse will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Riviello.

 The protesters will stand outside the court house holding signs, chanting, and wearing red.  They will also be videotaping a documentary and welcome citizens to come with their statements.  They will also proceed into the courtroom at 1:30pm for the hearing.  The animal groups can be reached at (845) 856-7366.



Media Alert: Protest at Home of June Wiggins-Hercules to Demand An Arrest


EVENT: Protest and Demonstration at the Home of June Wiggins-Hercules of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY to Demand that She Be Arrested for Animal Cruelty for Two Dogs Left Out in Blizzard.

DATE: January 29, 2016, starting Friday evening 8pm.

WHO: NoKill-NewYork.Org, host, phone (845) 856-7366, Kate Riviello, President.

WHERE: Home of June Wiggins-Hercules 1035 President Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Last year, as reported in The NY Post, Kate Riviello of filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for not enforcing animal cruelty law for a dog named Jake left outside all winter in Staten Island. That lawsuit was tossed out in Superior Court for “lack of standing” with the judge stating that the activists did not personally suffer. Riviello contends that common sense should have prevailed and the perpetrators of leaving dogs outside to freeze in the winters of NY should be arrested.

According to precedent setting case law in NY state, a doghouse should have insulation, be off the ground, have a flap and the dog should have a constant source of water 24/7. Since Wiggins-Hercules was found in violation with the senior dogs howling into the night and a neighbor videotaping for evidence, the group contends that she should be arrested. Riviello states that it is a misdemeanor to allow a dog to suffer in extreme inclement weather so as to sustain physical injury and extreme stress.

The group will stand outside of the house and hold signs, wear red, chant, and videotape an educational video with the contemplation of a lawsuit to be filed against the NYPD.

UPDATE 2/3/16:  We will be posting the video of the protest where we slept outside this house for ten hours in 24-27 degrees at night.  We have activists on the lookout at 3am when neighbors state that they hear the dog howling every night.  Most importantly, we are going forward with the lawsuit to have Wiggins arrested and the remaining dog seized.

The Case of Blue Dog: Shawnee, OK – Extortion, Civil Rights Violations, Veterinary Malpractice & Kangaroo Court


Shawnee, OK

THE FOLLOWING is my testimony to the court regarding the charge of
1) I am a single mom with two children, a dog, a cat and a ferret. My dog’s name is Blue and is mostly white in color. He is about 40 pounds and has always been sweet and gentle with my children, other dogs, my cat and he is afraid of my ferret.
2) On January 11, 2016, I proceeded to leave my home at about 830am and later in the day about noon I would receive a phone call that there was a break-in at home.
3) My dog Blue got outside reportedly about 11am and started down the block toward Main Street which is only five houses from my house. Obviously my dog got loose from extenuating circumstances that were beyond my control and I should NOT be cited for LOOSE DOG for which I was not cited.
4) Trevor and Teddy, according to Teddy, who should be here in this courtroom to submit their own eyewitness testimony saw my dog loose and running. He was probably scared and confused. Then they lost sight of the dog for a few minutes.
5) Trevor and Teddy, according to Teddy, then witnessed the fact that Blue my dog was in a physical altercation with a husky who was with a man. It is completely unknown to me whether the husky was on a leash.
6) Trevor and Teddy, according to Teddy, did witness the man hitting my dog over the head with a firearm to ostensibly separate them.
7) Trevor and Teddy, according to Teddy, did NOT witness the man getting bit by either dog. They saw blood on his hand however it was unclear if that was from a bite from a dog or from Blue’s own blood since he was hitting Blue over the head with a firearm causing bleeding.
8) To my knowledge, this man was NOT cited for loose dog or for vicious dog. I was blocked by the court clerk to subpoena this man or to know his identity or to know any of the evidence that was set forth against me for claiming that my dog was vicious when he is not.
9) Trevor and Teddy, according to Teddy, now states that the dogs were separated and that Blue approached them in a friendly manner without growling, barking, snarling or any such vicious display whatsoever.
10) In my opinion, my dog might have approached the man and husky to seek refuge and comfort since my dog is a gentle dog known to get along with other dogs, cats and even small animals such as my ferret, as well as my small children.
11) My dog has never bit anyone and has never had a behavior issue in his life of 2.5 years approximately.
12) At this point, animal control was called and my dog Blue was taken to the animal control facility in Shawnee.



1) I received a phone call from the animal control officer that if I did not produce $500, they would gas to death my dog and decapitate him to test for rabies. They did not give me an opportunity to call my veterinarian to check on my dog’s rabies status before informing me that they would do this to my dog.
2) When I called my vet, it became known that my dog IS UP-TO-DATE ON RABIES WITH A THREE YEAR VACCINATION.
3) The animal control facility ACO continued to threaten the life of my dog since he believed that the dog was not “up to code in Shawnee” by having a YEARLY rabies vaccination, even though my dog was UP-TO-DATE WITH A THREE YEAR VACCINATION.
4) I made a fundraiser for the $500 and it was raised but could not be accessed until a couple days because it was via the internet. However, I was able to raise about $200 and my vet agreed to “quarantine” the dog even though legally and medically the dog did NOT need to be quarantined neither at the vet nor at the animal control facility because the dog is current on a three year rabies vaccination.
5) My vet has stated that even though the dog is current on rabies with a three year rabies vaccination that he would give the dog an additional rabies vaccination just to be in compliance with the Shawnee code that allegedly states that a dog needs a rabies vaccination every year but consider the following:

A. RABIES SHAWNEE CODE: Code 1986, Section 5-146-c: “…….any dog that is over the age of four months and that has not been vaccinated against rabies within the preceding 12 months……”. I believe this has been interpreted incorrectly in that NOT BEEN VACCINATED is precluded by the three year rabies vaccination. Clearly it would be veterinary malpractice to vaccinate a dog EVERY YEAR WHEN THEY ARE COVERED BY A THREE YEAR VACCINATION. So I believe then that my dog is being illegally held in a “quarantine” that is unnecessary by common law since he was up-to-date on his three year rabies vaccination. Therefore my dog should be immediately released from my vet’s office to my care to my home.

6) Therefore if it has been the policy of Chris Thomas the administrator to demand sums of cash from the public (threatening felony animal cruelty on companion animals held illegally at the animal control facility) for vaccinating an animal for rabies EVERY SINGLE YEAR, this would constitute extortion and “forcing” veterinarians to commit malpractice. Even if a dog was not current on rabies, the animal control facility would be legally responsible for placing a dog into quarantine and billing the citizen later, not threatening death with a demand of cash, i.e., extortion. Consider the following:
Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
Title 21. Crimes and Punishments
Chapter 60 – Extortion and Blackmail
Section 1482 – Extortion Induced by Threats
Cite as: O.S. §, __ __
Fear such as will constitute extortion, may be induced by a threat, either:
1st. To do an unlawful injury to the person or property of the individual threatened, or to any relative of his or member of his family; or,
2nd. To accuse him, or any relative of his or member of his family, of any crime; or,
3rd. To expose, or impute to him, or them, any deformity or disgrace; or,
4th. To expose any secret affecting him or them.
Oklahoma Uniform Jury Instructions
Oklahoma Jury Instructions- Criminal
Chapter 5
Section OUJI-CR 5-33 – Threat Defined
Cite as: O.S. §, __ __

OUJI-CR 5-33
A person has been threatened when that person has been put in fear of:
[unlawful injury to his/her person/property]
[unlawful personal injury to his/her relatives/(family members)]
[unlawful injury to the property of a relative/(family member)]
7) Due to clear definition of extortion in the state of Oklahoma, the city of Shawnee and specifically Chris Thomas, Administrator, and his animal control officer are criminally subject to the laws of extortion as well as liable in a civil court violating my civil rights.


Sec. 5-3. – Vicious animals. Modified
No persons shall own or harbor any vicious animal within the city, unless the same is kept upon private premises of such person and securely locked within a sufficient enclosure to prevent any possible means of escape. For a secure enclosure to be sufficient, it must be constructed with four sides, a top, a bottom and a locked gate of sufficient materials, not including soil, to prevent any possible means of escape. Any vicious animal running at large on the streets or alleys, or other public ways, of the city shall be immediately removed and impounded, or terminated when deemed necessary by the animal control officer to protect public safety when the situation warrants, regardless of whether or not such animal has a collar and tag or muzzle. Any leash, tether, chain, rope or other device used to control a vicious animal when an animal is taken off personal property shall not exceed six feet in length without such animal being constituted running at large. Other officers of the law may likewise, when deemed necessary to protect the public safety, remove, impound or terminate a vicious animal when the situation warrants.
A vicious animal or a dangerous animal is defined as any animal that:
Because of its physical nature, is capable of inflicting serious physical harm or death to human beings and would constitute a danger to human life or property;
Has behaved in such a manner that the owner knows or should reasonably know that the animal has tendencies to attack or to bite human beings or other animals;
Commits an unprovoked attack on a person or animal on private or public property; or
Threatens to attack or terrorizes a person in such a manner that personal safety is in jeopardy and when, in the opinion of the animal control officer or other officer of the law, such animal poses a personal or public threat following a complaint filed by the affected person with the city animal control division or police department.
a. My dog has never been aggressive or vicious or has ever in the past displayed any such behavior as previously stated.
b. The ordinance clearly defines a vicious animal as “….capable of inflicting serious physical harm……or would constitute a danger…..” which my dog Blue could never be capable of doing not ever in the past or in stated incident of January 11, 2016.
c. As the owner of said dog, I am testifying with 100% confidence that my dog has never been engaged in a dog fight or has ever displayed any aggression whatsoever. Furthermore, my veterinarian submits a testimony of dog’s gentle temperament.

d. Regarding the incident of when my dog got loose on January 11, 2016, the dog was loose due to extenuating circumstances of my home being broken into and my dog becoming understandably confused to the point that he was scared and looking for me and my children for comfort. My dog is neutered so he would not have been running to mate.
e. Regarding the incident of my dog involved in an altercation with another dog, the husky, it is
8b. Therefore there is no proof that my dog bit any person and there is no proof that my dog acted with provocation as that is not in my dog’s nature to do so. If there was proof of a bite to the man that was hitting my dog over the head with a firearm, then the teeth of both dogs would have to be considered in that bite injury and the DNA of the saliva tested from the bite wounds, if there was a bite, which no proof of a bite has been submitted to me.
1) REGARDING DOG LOOSE AND AT LARGE: My dog Blue got loose due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control regarding my house being broken into and not through my own negligence.
2) REGARDING RABIES UP-TO-DATE, “QUARANTINE”: My dog was up-to-date legally and by veterinary standards with a three-year rabies vaccination and as soon as that was discovered, the dog should have been immediately released to my custody and should be immediately released to my custody now.
3) REGARDING ILLEGAL PRACTICES: If the law is not clear to the common individual that a three-year rabies vaccination is legally binding from a veterinary practice definition, then it should be amended. But I am reading the ordinance that clearly states that if the dog is “vaccinated within the last 12 months” meaning that if the dog is UP TO DATE then said ordinance has been construed illiterately to be construed that a dog should be a victim of veterinary malpractice and citizens should be extorted for cash with threat of death of their animals by said ordinance to vaccinate their dogs EVERY YEAR (even though covered by a three year rabies vax which is legally binding from a veterinary standard and by common law) which would constitute abuse of said animal, that is to say veterinary malpractice.

A. There is no proof whatsoever that my dog provoked an incident of physical altercation.
B. There is no proof whatsoever that my dog bit the man with the husky dog.
C. There IS proof that my dog was loose and was in a physical altercation with a dog but that was most probably and logically initiated by the husky dog since my dog would not initiate same as proven by his temperament history and his temperament as witnessed by Teddy.
D. In addition, there IS proof that my dog is a gentle dog by witnesses at these scene of the incident even after my dog was bit by the husky with proven wounds and even after being beat about the head with a firearm.
I am therefore requesting that the charge of “vicious dog” be dropped entirely and my dog returned to me immediately.

Shawnee, OK

I was assisted in the preparation of this document by
Kate Riviello, President,



1) Colleen was blocked from reading this brief in her defense by the City’s Attorney M.A. Karns and Judge Wiley.  She requested to read her statement several times and the City Attorney and Judge Wiley kept concurring with each other that she was presenting “hearsay” and was not able to get even a couple sentences read. 

2) Colleen had a notarized copy of the above statement together with a signed statement from her veterinarian that the dog Blue was gentle and not in any way aggressive.  She was not permitted to submit her statement nor was she permitted to submit this additional testimony since the vet was not there to testify as to its authenticity. 

3) The City Attorney stated that she had seen the video of Colleen and Blue at the vet office and ordered that the dog be confined in his kennel and be unable to be walked at all out of the confines of the kennel. 

4) Colleen was not afforded copies of any of the evidence set forth against her even though she requested from the Court Clerk the ability to subpoena the “man with the husky.”  The Court Clerk advised her (yes legally advised her which is irregular) that she could not subpoena the City’s witness.  When in court, she stated that she was not provided copies of evidence against her and the City Attorney asked, “Did you ask for it?”  What was sought in particular was medical evidence of a bite to the “man with the husky.”  As it turns out the man with the husky testified that he sustained only some sort of “cut” to his finger. 

5) Right there and then in the City of Shawnee’s court, Blue dog was sentenced to death.  The City Attorney in her benevolence (sarcastic dripping) stated that the dog could be killed at the vet’s office and not be gassed. 

And that was it.  Adjourned.  Sine die.  Or so they thought.  In fact if we have our way it will be the first day on the path of the end of their careers.  An appeal is being prepared and filed.  An attorney is being retained.  A press conference will be called upon filing.  Because the City of Shawnee will kill Blue dog over our dead bodies. 





Media Alert: Sleep-Out Protest 12/18/15 Shawnee, OK; Minot, ND; Lancaster, CA; Miami, FL




International Protest Against
Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation

Attendees to Gather at the Following Locations:
Shawnee, OK Gas Pound Animal Control
Minot, ND City Hall for BSL
Lancaster, CA Animal Control
Miami-Dade, FL, Animal Control & BSL

-December 18-19, 2015 – 8pm to 8 am – Kate Riviello, founder and president of NoKill-NewYork.Org, has announced the next International Protest Against Kill Pounds and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) for Friday, December 18th. The format of the event is a Candlelight Vigil on Friday night – and a SLEEP OUTSIDE EVENT no matter the weather. There will be Live International Feed so that millions of animal lovers worldwide can participate. The primary goal of the event is to drive legislative changes to completely end the killing of cats and dogs in the Kill Pound System and repeal BSL.

Riviello hailing from New York City has just administered a criminal complaint against an individual who both works for ACC-NY and has a cat rescue with allegations of fraud, conspiracy, theft/conversion, animal cruelty and falsifying a government instrument. The criminal complaint implicates the nonprofit Mayors Alliance for receipt and dissemination of hundreds of thousands of grant dollars fraudulently and hundreds of cats missing and presumed dead.

Attendees will sleep outside at
*Miami-Dade Animal Control where there is both BSL and cruel high kill numbers with lack of veterinary care;
*Lancaster Animal Control, CA, high kill pound.
*Minot, ND where certain types of dogs continue to be discriminated against for their physical attributes with BSL;
*and Shawnee, OK, where Riviello will fly out to host a #sleepoutforanimals event at the gas pound. A video and petition with a proposal for Shawnee, OK, have been posted on Facebook only two months ago. The proposal drives straight to the heart of corruption at the gas pound and dissects the political system that supports it.  In a huge victory after the release of the video, the city of Shawnee will now remove their gas box and a veterinarian will be installed.  The ACO there named Randy Newton gassed three dogs for retaliation with empty kennels, Brutus, Delilah and Elroy.  After an Action Alert by our group, ACO Newton was placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for an arrest.   The facility also announced that no more animals will be killed with empty kennels.  There will also be a rally on the night of December 17th at the Community Center, Shawnee, OK, 6:30-8:30pm on South Park Avenue.

Video link:

Riviello encourages activists to rise up “all over the world” and “sleep outside” for dogs and cats being killed wherever they are. The first-time ever LIVE INTERNATIONAL FEED will be posted on from every event.

Facebook page link:

Additional protest pleas include for the NYC City Council to end the stonewalling of public cries for construction of animal facilities in Queens and the Bronx. Riviello states that “animals continue to perish behind the walls of a system so deplorable that disease is rampant, animals are killed before their hold time, and basic sustenance is lacking such as food, water and walks.”

Riviello filed the first ever criminal complaint (File #16636) against New York Animal Care Centers for lack of vetting of a dog named Jackie who sat in her cage for three days with a bone sticking out. To date, the NYPD and District Attorney’s office have neglected investigating the case.

As previously reported in the NY Post, Riviello filed pro se the first lawsuit against the NYPD for not enforcing and/or arresting an individual for leaving a dog named Jake outside all winter in freezing blizzard conditions. The New York Supreme Court dismissed the petition for lack of standing though Riviello described pain and suffering of herself and other volunteers who sought to provide basic sustenance to the dog throughout the winter. This lawsuit for the first time ever offers the argument that since it is a felony to kill a cat or dog, they cannot be considered “property.” The hallmark of this campaign is that it is a felony to kill a dog or cat whether the individual is a private citizen or a government entity.

For additional information, visit, call Kate Riviello at (845) 856-7366, or email

Prose Inspired by the Gassing of Animals in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Puppies were born to a mother who gasped for air as they were born,
their mother comforting them with her big sloppy kisses and perpetual safety.
The baby puppies knew love from their mother who had spiritually sworn
to love and protect them with instinct greatly.

The puppies grew quickly and were able to stand and run,
their mother did her best to keep them safe,
but there were people and cars as they played in the sun,
and ran back to mommy who restored their faith.

One day one of the humans, the scent of whom was not known,
picked up one of the babies off the ground like a hawk,
never to return to mommy, no one to hear their pleading groans,
and one by one removed every time there was so much talk.

The days went by and still full of milk the mother was left alone,
her breasts hardened and solidified in her body.
Till one day there was talk and she herself was walked out and disowned,
in exchange for something that she would not know of called money.

Long days and nights outside she would suffer,
after multiple rapes, unable to give birth again.
Her usefulness was deemed as nothing to offer,
and was taken by wire away by men.

Into a small metal box with slats for air
she felt that her life was over as she could not breathe.
Her mouth was parched, her mind a hazy stare,
she wanted to lay quiet and die but she did heave.

Unable to stand, she was dragged out by wire and she felt her skin tear away,
and the place where they put her was dark and wet, and her body convulsed.
Too weak and frail and dehydrated, she gave up all hope of a sunny day,
dreaming of her and her babies in play rather than sit repulsed.

Unable to move, whatever water was in her body did leave underneath her,
a hose of cold water would shock her twitching frame.
There was no power in her muscle and her desire to live was gone altogether
and her soul longed for the next life with no one to blame.

Still alive, she was picked up and placed into a metal box with other mammals.
She could hardly discern what type of animals they were – they were odd.
But then she could not believe the scent of her own baby animal!
The baby recognized her mother and clung to her as if it were a lightening rod.

As if a miracle and no other animal was within their space, the mother came undead.
She reached deep within herself to rise to her panicked daughter,
when out of nowhere, her daughter was attacked and bitten and bled –
This must not be happening but in a nightmare of slaughter.

In the melee of fur and mammals and blood and vomit,
all the babies could do was close their eyes and hope for death.
But in that hope there is still gasping, and the lid closes with no comment,
And it gets dark again with what they did not know would be their last breath.

The machine made noise and poison filled the small metal container,
with little babies wondering what they ever did wrong, was there no one to save them.
The last moments of cognition were filled with confusion and their fate could not be plainer
that the world was filled with humans evil from whom they were condemned.

But then it got quiet – the machine stopped its noise.
The clanging and clatter of locks and metal hit their eardrums.
Were we not to be as humans put it – destroyed?
The lid did open and in the light we saw the miracle of rescue come!

Was it a human woman that was crying and lifted us not minding the stench?
Could I gather myself to live so close to leaving?
They whispered in my ear how sorry that they were stuck in a war trench.
They begged forgiveness from me as I felt myself grieving.

The dying mother knew what she felt now was what she felt for her babies who were gone.
The human women treated her like she treated her babies.
She wondered, why did certain humans feel that I should be to death asphyxiated and cast on,
And some few felt my life was not a maybe.

The dying mother gazed up at soft wet eyes but knew she wanted to be with her progeny.
So grateful though to know about these people rescuers.
For to live without her babies would be agony.
The saviors knew she was slipping away but grateful to have lifted her from gas chambers.

All manner of death to include gassing, heartstick, torture, starvation, dehydration and needles
fill the minds of these rescuers as they toil with clocks ticking.
Working with blinders to all that would deter them including demons,
with days, nights, weeks and years round and round spinning.

For tomorrow in another place where humans are so haughty,
more babies will meet the fate of punishment for being born,
with execution looming as prisoners of war with evil so mighty,
rescuers humbly trudge through gloomy days forlorn.

But the spark of the dying mother having seen her baoklahomaby in death throes
is the same energy that flows through the veins of human mothers for their daughters.
The same life, the same breath, the same blood, the same heart, the same mind that loves,
and the same lungs that desire to breathe in the clean fresh oxygen gifted from trees.

For what is clean air that it should only be bestowed upon one creature or another?
That all should desire and deserve what keeps us all in joyous life not just subsist.
To hell with the executioner, may they be the minority in a world imperfect,
That a good and strong soul protect those that are defenseless against their death kiss.

So to the mother’s spirit we rise, breadbasket of America, to whom we now speak.
Where cruel and unusual is the way for even humans since the spring of this year.
Rebelling against a writ of forefathers, all other souls’ fate even more bleak.
What chance could an animal have in a place where the eighth amendment is not clear.

Woe betide those that do not heed the call of the universe to be so inclined
for self-preservation requires a summit of the minds.
For we rescuers are much more forgiving in our stance so designed,
than the universe’s mighty powers upon whom it may land on evilkind.

MEDIA ALERT: Hundreds of Cats Missing and Presumed Dead – Criminal Complaint Filed Against Mayors Alliance Rescue in NYC

MEDIA ALERT: Hundreds of Cats Missing and Presumed Dead – Criminal Complaint Filed Against Mayors Alliance Rescue in NYC, Demand Immediate Search Warrant to Search for Trebbletrebble3

DATE: October 16, 2015 10 pm to October 17, 2015 8am

EVENT: International Protest Against Kill Pounds & BSL
WHO: Kate Riviello, President,

NY: ANIMAL CARE CENTERS-NEW YORK, 110th Street & 1st Avenue

Kate Riviello has authored a criminal complaint, with cat owner Stefanie Petsche, against an individual who is both an animal rescue and employee of Animal Care Center – NY(SI) alleging fraud, conspiracy, theft/conversion (Maddie’s Fund and other grants), falsifying a government instrument and animal cruelty. Activist/paralegal Kimberly Serino who has been independently investigating Angel’s Gate for seven years assisted. The cat named “Trebble” has become lost forever into the labyrinth of the corruption and mismanagement of what is ACC-NY. A blog post will be completed by Monday October 19th including a letter to the Attorney General at The cat “Trebble” may still be alive and we have demanded from the District Attorney that a search warrant be issued to properties that are implicated in the disappearance of possibly hundreds if not thousands of cats that were pulled from the ACC-NY system and dumped at various locations never to be seen again (including Angels Gate with Susan Marino having been convicted of animal cruelty and today’s court-ordered sale of said property). It will be requested from the Attorney General to commence an investigation and subpoena of ALL animals that have been pulled from ACC-NY for the past five years by the “Mayor’s Alliance” (through the New Hope Department at ACC-NY) and those dispositions (alive at foster or adopter, dead by illness, killed at vet for temperament, lost, still in boarding, “placed” in “feral” colonies” and last vetted, etc) be made public for dissemination and scrutiny by donators. The City has sanctioned “trap, neuter, release” covert locations for cats, however, placing additional cats into those colonies after having been pulled from death row has come into question.

Riviello has led the protest campaign against ACC-NY for what she claims is felony animal cruelty with killing of animals before the hold time and “mistakenly” killing animals with adopters and rescue holds, as well as lack of veterinary care. A criminal complaint was filed against ACC-NY in Brooklyn for lack of veterinary care for a dog named Jackie ( but the PD and DA never initiated an investigation to her knowledge. Riviello also filed the first lawsuit against NYPD for lack of enforcement of animal cruelty laws in NYC which was denied in Supreme Court of NY for lack of standing (though a precedent setting case in NY against the USDA for a citizen to file for animal cruelty has been decided).

This Friday evening 10/16 at 10pm, Riviello will lead a national protest outside ACC-NY on 110th Street with copies of the criminal complaint for the press and attendees. Approximately 10-15 activists will sleep outside all night at ACC-NY and these various locations across the country in lounge chairs and sleeping bags.

**Houston, Texas, BARC has resorted to killing dogs and cats upon arrival with a stray population in dizzying numbers of hundreds of thousands;
**Dallas, Texas, a councilperson has suggested that loose dogs and cats be killed from helicopters and on sight by law enforcement;
**Miami, Florida, Breed Specific Legislation against pit bulls is a death sentence and all animals entering MDAS are in grave danger (contact Ale Ochea (786) 251-2362, Redlands, FL The Abandoned Dogs);
**Chicago is riddled with undercover eyewitness accounts of killing dogs and cats with empty cages available and lack of even basic care;
**Minot, North Dakota, persists in unconstitutional BSL and accounts of illegal search and seizure of dogs from homes in Chinese-style raids; and
**Lancaster, CA, killing unchecked with no accountability as to the bodies of animals when they leave the kill pound suggesting a conflict of interest to laboratories and rendering plants.

Contact Riviello at (845) 856-7366 or email

Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & BSL



Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)


Kate Riviello, President,, Animal Rescue & Revolution
(845) 845-7366,


End the Killing of Cats and Dogs in the Kill Pound System & Repeal BSL


New York Animal Care Centers, NYC, 110th Street, Between 1st & 2nd Avenues, as well as about 40 Locations Around the Country & the World.


September 18, 2015, 9-10pm, Candlelighting, Attendees Will Sleep Out! Until Sept 19, 2pm.

Kate Riviello with New York Animal Rights Alliance America hosts the Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation. The organization is calling upon New York Animal Care Centers, fraudulently having removed the word “control” from their name recently, to be removed from under the Department of Health and a fair OPEN BID system be held so that all parties that have been running the system for many years be completely removed. The revolution of this system in this regard would require legislation at the state level. Additionally, the City Council of NYC continues to stonewall the public in not building animal shelters in Queens and the Bronx. Animals continue to perish behind the walls of a system so deplorable that disease is rampant, animals are killed before their hold time, and basic sustenance needs such as food, water and walks are not met.

Riviello filed the first criminal complaint (File #16636) against New York Animal Care Centers for lack of vetting of a dog named Jackie who sat in her cage for three days with a bone sticking out. To date, the NYPD and District Attorney’s office have neglected investigating the case.

As previously reported in the NY Post, Riviello filed pro se the first lawsuit against the NYPD for not arresting an individual for leaving a dog named Jake outside all winter in freezing blizzard conditions. The New York Supreme Court dismissed the petition for lack of standing though Riviello described pain and suffering of herself and other volunteers who sought to provide basic sustenance to the dog throughout the winter.

Attendees will gather at state capitals, city halls and animal control centers across the globe. Some will stand at better facilities in solidarity with locations such as New York City where thousands of healthy adoptable dogs and cats are slaughtered. Locations include Miami where there is both BSL and cruel high kill numbers with lack of veterinary care. Attendees will also stand in Des Moines where BSL has reached an epic number of towns and cities across the state. Four locations in California include Carson, Lancaster, San Diego and San Francisco, as well as gas chambers at Shawnee, OK, and Casper, WY. Attendees in New Hampshire decry the state law that does not permit the adoption of cats out of shelters that are FIV positive. The Buffalo, NY, group protests the unusually high number of dogs killed by police. Foreign locations include London at the Westminster Bridge, Toronto, Ottawa and Bavaria, Germany, all locations with discriminatory laws against certain types of dogs.

Other locations include Mitchell County, GA; Oyster Bay, LI, NY; Rome, NY; Camden, NJ; Salina, KS (BSL); Lincoln County, KY; Ankara, Turkey; Willmington, NC; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Minneapolis, MN; Corrientes, Argentina; Minot, ND (BSL); Rock Hill, SC; New Britain, CT; Eau Claire, WI; Tullahoma, TN; Denver, CO (BSL); Columbia, MO; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Lincoln Parish, LA; Everett, WA (BSL); and Maricopa, AZ. The candlelight vigil at 9pm at all locations will be videotaped for a documentary compilation. Many of these locations will include an all-night sleep-out protest such as in NYC, Miami, Des Moines, Buffalo, Shawnee and possibly others.

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