Press Release, Occupy New York Animal Care & Control, NYC, NoKill-NewYork.Org – DEMAND OPEN BID


WHO: Kay Riviello, President, NoKill-NewYork.Org Hosts
WHAT: “Occupy Animal Care & Control – New York” Protest and Demonstration Featuring the Deaths of “Figaro” & “Kintaro”
WHEN: April 25, 2015, Saturday, 2-4pm
WHERE: 326 East 110th Street at the ACC-NY, NY, NY (between 1st & 2nd Avenues)

Recently, a dog named Kintero was reserved for adoption by a member of the public and when she arrived to adopt her dog, the dog had been killed “by accident” by the animal control facility. NoKill-NewYork.Org was founded when a dog named “Wam” was killed in the exact same manner back in 2010 – and the same “mistakes” continue to be perpetrated. A cat named “Figaro” was found dead in her cage after undergoing a spay procedure. The cat was purportedly pregnant when the spay procedure was performed. Zero accountability has been waged against ACC-NY for crimes against these animals.

About five months ago, Kay Riviello filed the first criminal complaint against ACC-NY for lack of veterinary care regarding a dog named Jackie and no investigation has been performed to date by the NYPD. Additionally, Riviello filed the first lawsuit against the NYPD for lack of enforcement of animal cruelty laws and the verdict is currently pending in New York Supreme Court. (Read more at

Into the fifth year of protests and demonstrations, a bill to build the shelters in the Bronx and Queens has come to fruition but is stalled in NYC Council to wrangle over funding. The Comptroller has released an audit detailing the deplorable illegal conditions inside those walls, however, he failed to demand an Open Bid. NoKill-NewYork.Org is the only organization that calls for ACC-NY to be taken out from under the Department of Health and hold a fair and transparent Open Bid in NYC for animal care. To simply replace the Board of Directors at ACC-NY with other shelter insiders, as was suggested by the Comptroller, will improve nothing whatsoever.

Riviello and her organization continues to decry the actions of ACC-NY as criminal and demands an investigation by the Attorney General’s office for sanctions, termination of ACC Board members and employees, and possible arrests of individuals responsible for the negligent veterinary practices and outright deaths of so many animals including Figaro and Kintero.

We will wear our signature red and hold an “Occupy” type protest and demonstration at 326 East 110th Street outside NY-ACC with B. Kevin Storm, a high school vegan radio host, on international live feed. Contact Riviello at (845) 856-7366 or .

Please INVITE your friends, ask them to HIT ATTEND, INVITE THEIR FRIENDS & please hit SHARE!


12 thoughts on “Press Release, Occupy New York Animal Care & Control, NYC, NoKill-NewYork.Org – DEMAND OPEN BID

  1. First I’m hearing about this, but i am 95% sure i will be there and i will try to get some other Advocates to go also. NYC ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL NEEDS TO, HAS TO MAKE MUCH NEEDED CHANGES STARTING FROM THE TOP!! WE NEED ppl who.genuinely care about the lives and health of each and every animal that comes through their doors. Their “mistakes” (ha) are costing innocent, helpless, scared, homeless dogs, cats their lives!! These are warm, feeling, loving animals that look to us for help, not Death!! I could go on…another time. BIG CHANGES HAVE TO BE MADE AT NYC KILL SHELTERS!!! LIVES DEPEND ON.IT!..SUPPORT NO KILL

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    1. Thank you! See you there!! Our theme is O-PEN BID, O-PEN BID – TRUE NO KILL – TRUE NO KILL!!
      Please wear red and if you can put our website on your sign – NOKILL-NEWYORK.ORG
      Call with any questions 845 856 7366
      326 East 110th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave


  2. Wished I could be there. This happens to often everywhere in the world. I too had to experience a loss of 2 dogs I wanted to adopt in California. I am behind you all the way in this matter. I would do a protest here in Colorado for you up state. But will wear red. I’m suffering with my spine again and so I send love strength and hope that your strenghth can stop the killing. God bless you my friend. ❤ Live And Love Fur Kids ❤ Live and Love Paws.

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  3. Had a great meeting with our legislators yesterday – who seemed very receptive to support the pending house bills relating to the animal/abuse and ivory sales banning & breed discrimination by insurance companies. I actually connected well, they will remember me and I will start bugging more of them within the state. Have you had any luck with this route? ~ Deidre

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  4. Hi Deidre. We filed a criminal complaint against NY ACC for veterinary negligence and wrongful death. No investigation has been performed by the NYPD to my knowledge, therefore, we will file a petition to compel them to do so. It is the formula of massive protest and demonstration, legal action filing for rights in the best interest of cats and dogs and political advocacy that will at the end of the day prevail. Keep us posted!


  5. I have been watching this shelter since April and find their practices appalling. I have documented several severly injured or ill animals that have languished for prolonged perios of time. At the same time their conveyor belt of death is running full steam, loaded with healthy dogs.
    I am befuddled as to what is going on there. And I am equally as confused about the amount of time they give to these dogs, which is often as little as two days.
    I have looked at a dog that was attacked by a racoon, which ripped a portion of her face off. She has to be quarantined, which on the surface sounds reasonable. I am from a rural state and am familiar with procedures that need to be taken if an animal is bitten by wildlife. Here, it’s ten days, there in NYC/ACC it’s six months???.She has been there since 5/11/2015. She also has not had any medical work on her lttle face.
    They seem confortable with killing her instead of allowing me to have her. They have called me three times to offer me different dogs, one on the TBD list. I have a rescued pit bull that happens to be an alpha female. I don’t think he would work in my fur family. I would live to save him, but I can’t put my other dogs at risk. I managed to get the dog attacked by a raccon on the Examiner, but nothing..
    Here is my issue, I live in West Virginia, but can be in Pittsburg in four hours or less and they said that’s fine. But not with Abigail, the bitten dog. The excuse is they need to be able to call and check on her. I have a cell phone and advised them it works if I’m two away or three hundred miles away. I could go on and on, but wow this place amazes me.


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