Kate/Kay Riviello, The Rip-Off Report About Me Was Written by Psychos Who Stole My Rescue Dog

One of the biggest problems I have in my life since I take on so much is lack of time.  This Rip-Off Report was targeted toward me by Laura Smith of Enfield, Connecticut.  I cannot tell the whole story at this minute (as I’m late to work) but suffice it to say that this individual who passed muster to foster absconded with our rescue dog Muttkiss.  I got the dog back and then with Carie CJ Gouldsbrough of Middletown CT and Eva Rae Felter, formerly of Deer Park, NY, they conspired to POSE AS A FOSTER to steal the dog back.

I filed a 95-page criminal complaint against all three of them at the Middletown Police Department who refused to acknowledge that they stole the dog under false pretenses (just like if someone promised a lady to go shopping with her money for her and then took off with it).  I have not gotten to the “DA’s” office (they call them something else in CT) to discuss conspiracy charges which is a felony.  I have been informed that conspiracy is rarely prosecuted but only in huge cases that involve tens of thousands of dollars.  I say, too bad.  This is three people that I have proof stole my rescue dog.  The whole story is in the 95-page criminal complaint complete with all the messages between all four of us that the dog belonged to me (they went to state to police that I never owned the dog).  I don’t really know how they could outright lie to authorities about me not owning Muttkiss when I have all these FB messages and text messages that I owned the dog and that Laura Smith was a foster.

I did a fundraiser to raise funds to bring the case to civil court where if it was proven (and the cops did recommend this avenue) they would be arrested.  But filing in Supreme Court is prohibitive at best.  I tried selling tee-shirts and raising funds and we reached approximately $500 which we are holding and hope to raise the funds in the future to get this to court.  At least to find out what happened to the dog!!  Laura Smith is a known mentally disabled individual from, according to her, her father sexually abusing her.  Carie CJ Gouldsbrough continues to be around rescue and animals and I caught her in about five lies when SHE posed as the foster to return the dog to Laura Smith!  Elva Rae Felter is a former heroin addict and I tried to stop her from adopting a fifth dog from California when she was penniless and living in squalor at her mother’s condemned old strip bar.

I have to get to work right now but I will post the 95-page criminal complaint right here AFTER I redact the names of individuals in the messages that are not integral to this case (and out of respect for them).

This individual posted a Rip-Off Report which is like yelp but worse.  At least on yelp, they have a rule that one must have had business with the entity to whom they address.  Rip-Off Report has no such rule and furthermore requires a $2,000 fee to even mediate the post!  And if that fee is paid, there is nothing to stop psycho maniac dog thieves from posting more posts like it.  I have personally refrained from utilizing Rip-Off Report though I could have easily with their names.

So please stay posted for that criminal complaint.  I still want to get this to court 2+ years later to hold these individuals accountable in a court of law and find out what happened to that young black and white Staffie I named Muttkiss.


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