Prose Inspired by the Gassing of Animals in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Puppies were born to a mother who gasped for air as they were born,
their mother comforting them with her big sloppy kisses and perpetual safety.
The baby puppies knew love from their mother who had spiritually sworn
to love and protect them with instinct greatly.

The puppies grew quickly and were able to stand and run,
their mother did her best to keep them safe,
but there were people and cars as they played in the sun,
and ran back to mommy who restored their faith.

One day one of the humans, the scent of whom was not known,
picked up one of the babies off the ground like a hawk,
never to return to mommy, no one to hear their pleading groans,
and one by one removed every time there was so much talk.

The days went by and still full of milk the mother was left alone,
her breasts hardened and solidified in her body.
Till one day there was talk and she herself was walked out and disowned,
in exchange for something that she would not know of called money.

Long days and nights outside she would suffer,
after multiple rapes, unable to give birth again.
Her usefulness was deemed as nothing to offer,
and was taken by wire away by men.

Into a small metal box with slats for air
she felt that her life was over as she could not breathe.
Her mouth was parched, her mind a hazy stare,
she wanted to lay quiet and die but she did heave.

Unable to stand, she was dragged out by wire and she felt her skin tear away,
and the place where they put her was dark and wet, and her body convulsed.
Too weak and frail and dehydrated, she gave up all hope of a sunny day,
dreaming of her and her babies in play rather than sit repulsed.

Unable to move, whatever water was in her body did leave underneath her,
a hose of cold water would shock her twitching frame.
There was no power in her muscle and her desire to live was gone altogether
and her soul longed for the next life with no one to blame.

Still alive, she was picked up and placed into a metal box with other mammals.
She could hardly discern what type of animals they were – they were odd.
But then she could not believe the scent of her own baby animal!
The baby recognized her mother and clung to her as if it were a lightening rod.

As if a miracle and no other animal was within their space, the mother came undead.
She reached deep within herself to rise to her panicked daughter,
when out of nowhere, her daughter was attacked and bitten and bled –
This must not be happening but in a nightmare of slaughter.

In the melee of fur and mammals and blood and vomit,
all the babies could do was close their eyes and hope for death.
But in that hope there is still gasping, and the lid closes with no comment,
And it gets dark again with what they did not know would be their last breath.

The machine made noise and poison filled the small metal container,
with little babies wondering what they ever did wrong, was there no one to save them.
The last moments of cognition were filled with confusion and their fate could not be plainer
that the world was filled with humans evil from whom they were condemned.

But then it got quiet – the machine stopped its noise.
The clanging and clatter of locks and metal hit their eardrums.
Were we not to be as humans put it – destroyed?
The lid did open and in the light we saw the miracle of rescue come!

Was it a human woman that was crying and lifted us not minding the stench?
Could I gather myself to live so close to leaving?
They whispered in my ear how sorry that they were stuck in a war trench.
They begged forgiveness from me as I felt myself grieving.

The dying mother knew what she felt now was what she felt for her babies who were gone.
The human women treated her like she treated her babies.
She wondered, why did certain humans feel that I should be to death asphyxiated and cast on,
And some few felt my life was not a maybe.

The dying mother gazed up at soft wet eyes but knew she wanted to be with her progeny.
So grateful though to know about these people rescuers.
For to live without her babies would be agony.
The saviors knew she was slipping away but grateful to have lifted her from gas chambers.

All manner of death to include gassing, heartstick, torture, starvation, dehydration and needles
fill the minds of these rescuers as they toil with clocks ticking.
Working with blinders to all that would deter them including demons,
with days, nights, weeks and years round and round spinning.

For tomorrow in another place where humans are so haughty,
more babies will meet the fate of punishment for being born,
with execution looming as prisoners of war with evil so mighty,
rescuers humbly trudge through gloomy days forlorn.

But the spark of the dying mother having seen her baoklahomaby in death throes
is the same energy that flows through the veins of human mothers for their daughters.
The same life, the same breath, the same blood, the same heart, the same mind that loves,
and the same lungs that desire to breathe in the clean fresh oxygen gifted from trees.

For what is clean air that it should only be bestowed upon one creature or another?
That all should desire and deserve what keeps us all in joyous life not just subsist.
To hell with the executioner, may they be the minority in a world imperfect,
That a good and strong soul protect those that are defenseless against their death kiss.

So to the mother’s spirit we rise, breadbasket of America, to whom we now speak.
Where cruel and unusual is the way for even humans since the spring of this year.
Rebelling against a writ of forefathers, all other souls’ fate even more bleak.
What chance could an animal have in a place where the eighth amendment is not clear.

Woe betide those that do not heed the call of the universe to be so inclined
for self-preservation requires a summit of the minds.
For we rescuers are much more forgiving in our stance so designed,
than the universe’s mighty powers upon whom it may land on evilkind.


6 thoughts on “Prose Inspired by the Gassing of Animals in Shawnee, Oklahoma

  1. I could not finish reading this, and because I care so deeply for animals, I wish the visual would leave me. How anyone at all in this world could condone the slow tortuous death in a gas chamber is beyond my comprehension. Oklahoma is not the only state to allow this. For a civilized nation we have a barbaric, self centered approach to other living things. Ignorance, cruelty and sel-centeredness are our guides. God help the innocent animals.


  2. I love it! I don’t believe everyone knows just how cruel this is (although, many do). Very slow & painful (30 minutes, sometimes longer). There are also misconceptions, that the seniors & sick cats & dogs “go quicker” not true, it’s longer for them. I try to put myself in that situation… thinking about the fear & anxiety I would have, watching the others around me with the same fear & anxiety… it’s beyond cruel, beyond sadistic. Only a monster with no soul could do this!


  3. we can no longer sit by and hope this problem fixes itself!!! There is a time and plaxe for sharing & it is quite effective in saving lives but……..WE NEED TO END THIS PROBLEM BY RISING AGAINST THOSE THAT SEEK TO HURT THESE INNOCENT ONES, RATHER IT BE FOR PROFIT OR SOME SICK PHYSCOTIC PERVERSITY!!!


  4. As an animal lover, it was almost TOO painful to read this! We HAVE to have better laws for those who cannot speak for themselves. I think it was Albert Schweitzer who said “You can tell the progress of a society by the way it treats its animals!” Well, I guess we’ve regressed to the caveman era!! Something HAS to be done!!


  5. Absolutely hartbroken reading this people who do This have no harts this must be banned i live in holland and we treat our furbabies with respect and we are absolutely no kill in the shelters I cried reading this and my hart hurts Amerika needs to become no kill


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