Media Alert: Sleep-Out Protest 12/18/15 Shawnee, OK; Minot, ND; Lancaster, CA; Miami, FL




International Protest Against
Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation

Attendees to Gather at the Following Locations:
Shawnee, OK Gas Pound Animal Control
Minot, ND City Hall for BSL
Lancaster, CA Animal Control
Miami-Dade, FL, Animal Control & BSL

-December 18-19, 2015 – 8pm to 8 am – Kate Riviello, founder and president of NoKill-NewYork.Org, has announced the next International Protest Against Kill Pounds and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) for Friday, December 18th. The format of the event is a Candlelight Vigil on Friday night – and a SLEEP OUTSIDE EVENT no matter the weather. There will be Live International Feed so that millions of animal lovers worldwide can participate. The primary goal of the event is to drive legislative changes to completely end the killing of cats and dogs in the Kill Pound System and repeal BSL.

Riviello hailing from New York City has just administered a criminal complaint against an individual who both works for ACC-NY and has a cat rescue with allegations of fraud, conspiracy, theft/conversion, animal cruelty and falsifying a government instrument. The criminal complaint implicates the nonprofit Mayors Alliance for receipt and dissemination of hundreds of thousands of grant dollars fraudulently and hundreds of cats missing and presumed dead.

Attendees will sleep outside at
*Miami-Dade Animal Control where there is both BSL and cruel high kill numbers with lack of veterinary care;
*Lancaster Animal Control, CA, high kill pound.
*Minot, ND where certain types of dogs continue to be discriminated against for their physical attributes with BSL;
*and Shawnee, OK, where Riviello will fly out to host a #sleepoutforanimals event at the gas pound. A video and petition with a proposal for Shawnee, OK, have been posted on Facebook only two months ago. The proposal drives straight to the heart of corruption at the gas pound and dissects the political system that supports it.  In a huge victory after the release of the video, the city of Shawnee will now remove their gas box and a veterinarian will be installed.  The ACO there named Randy Newton gassed three dogs for retaliation with empty kennels, Brutus, Delilah and Elroy.  After an Action Alert by our group, ACO Newton was placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for an arrest.   The facility also announced that no more animals will be killed with empty kennels.  There will also be a rally on the night of December 17th at the Community Center, Shawnee, OK, 6:30-8:30pm on South Park Avenue.

Video link:

Riviello encourages activists to rise up “all over the world” and “sleep outside” for dogs and cats being killed wherever they are. The first-time ever LIVE INTERNATIONAL FEED will be posted on from every event.

Facebook page link:

Additional protest pleas include for the NYC City Council to end the stonewalling of public cries for construction of animal facilities in Queens and the Bronx. Riviello states that “animals continue to perish behind the walls of a system so deplorable that disease is rampant, animals are killed before their hold time, and basic sustenance is lacking such as food, water and walks.”

Riviello filed the first ever criminal complaint (File #16636) against New York Animal Care Centers for lack of vetting of a dog named Jackie who sat in her cage for three days with a bone sticking out. To date, the NYPD and District Attorney’s office have neglected investigating the case.

As previously reported in the NY Post, Riviello filed pro se the first lawsuit against the NYPD for not enforcing and/or arresting an individual for leaving a dog named Jake outside all winter in freezing blizzard conditions. The New York Supreme Court dismissed the petition for lack of standing though Riviello described pain and suffering of herself and other volunteers who sought to provide basic sustenance to the dog throughout the winter. This lawsuit for the first time ever offers the argument that since it is a felony to kill a cat or dog, they cannot be considered “property.” The hallmark of this campaign is that it is a felony to kill a dog or cat whether the individual is a private citizen or a government entity.

For additional information, visit, call Kate Riviello at (845) 856-7366, or email


2 thoughts on “Media Alert: Sleep-Out Protest 12/18/15 Shawnee, OK; Minot, ND; Lancaster, CA; Miami, FL

    1. Hi there, thanks for asking. We have a huge campaign in NYC that we are spending some time awaiting affidavits for testimony of illegal activities that include fraud, theft/conversion, conspiracy to commit fraud, animal felony cruelty and falsification of government documents. About January 1st our investigative report will be made public that will be submitted to the Attorney General. We have locations nationwide, approximately 38 reps at this time, investigating the animal control/kill pound system and BSL. So please stay tuned for our efforts in NYC and as we head into the spring we will hopefully meet our long-time goal of a 1,000 person protest. Can you help? 🙂


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