Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & BSL



Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)


Kate Riviello, President,, Animal Rescue & Revolution
(845) 845-7366,


End the Killing of Cats and Dogs in the Kill Pound System & Repeal BSL


New York Animal Care Centers, NYC, 110th Street, Between 1st & 2nd Avenues, as well as about 40 Locations Around the Country & the World.


September 18, 2015, 9-10pm, Candlelighting, Attendees Will Sleep Out! Until Sept 19, 2pm.

Kate Riviello with New York Animal Rights Alliance America hosts the Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & Breed Specific Legislation. The organization is calling upon New York Animal Care Centers, fraudulently having removed the word “control” from their name recently, to be removed from under the Department of Health and a fair OPEN BID system be held so that all parties that have been running the system for many years be completely removed. The revolution of this system in this regard would require legislation at the state level. Additionally, the City Council of NYC continues to stonewall the public in not building animal shelters in Queens and the Bronx. Animals continue to perish behind the walls of a system so deplorable that disease is rampant, animals are killed before their hold time, and basic sustenance needs such as food, water and walks are not met.

Riviello filed the first criminal complaint (File #16636) against New York Animal Care Centers for lack of vetting of a dog named Jackie who sat in her cage for three days with a bone sticking out. To date, the NYPD and District Attorney’s office have neglected investigating the case.

As previously reported in the NY Post, Riviello filed pro se the first lawsuit against the NYPD for not arresting an individual for leaving a dog named Jake outside all winter in freezing blizzard conditions. The New York Supreme Court dismissed the petition for lack of standing though Riviello described pain and suffering of herself and other volunteers who sought to provide basic sustenance to the dog throughout the winter.

Attendees will gather at state capitals, city halls and animal control centers across the globe. Some will stand at better facilities in solidarity with locations such as New York City where thousands of healthy adoptable dogs and cats are slaughtered. Locations include Miami where there is both BSL and cruel high kill numbers with lack of veterinary care. Attendees will also stand in Des Moines where BSL has reached an epic number of towns and cities across the state. Four locations in California include Carson, Lancaster, San Diego and San Francisco, as well as gas chambers at Shawnee, OK, and Casper, WY. Attendees in New Hampshire decry the state law that does not permit the adoption of cats out of shelters that are FIV positive. The Buffalo, NY, group protests the unusually high number of dogs killed by police. Foreign locations include London at the Westminster Bridge, Toronto, Ottawa and Bavaria, Germany, all locations with discriminatory laws against certain types of dogs.

Other locations include Mitchell County, GA; Oyster Bay, LI, NY; Rome, NY; Camden, NJ; Salina, KS (BSL); Lincoln County, KY; Ankara, Turkey; Willmington, NC; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Minneapolis, MN; Corrientes, Argentina; Minot, ND (BSL); Rock Hill, SC; New Britain, CT; Eau Claire, WI; Tullahoma, TN; Denver, CO (BSL); Columbia, MO; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Lincoln Parish, LA; Everett, WA (BSL); and Maricopa, AZ. The candlelight vigil at 9pm at all locations will be videotaped for a documentary compilation. Many of these locations will include an all-night sleep-out protest such as in NYC, Miami, Des Moines, Buffalo, Shawnee and possibly others.

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9 thoughts on “Fourth Annual International Protest Against Kill Pounds & BSL

    1. Can you pleeeeease go to Detroit Animal Control facility with a small group and light candles and say a few words on video 1-2 minute videos of everyone’s statements and send to me at using email – okay? We had such a short time to make these locations and for sure Detroit will be front and center next year but I would LOVE to include on this documentary. Any questions call 845 856 7366, thank you!


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