Who is Kate Riviello?


1) Filed the First Criminal Complaint in History against NY ACC for lack of veterinary care, lawsuit pending.

2) Filed the First Criminal Complaint in History against NY ACC for corruption, theft conversion, and racketeering, not made public and lawsuit pending.

3) Filed the First Lawsuit in History either by paralegal or attorney to describe that since it is a felony to kill a dog, then the dog could not be considered property (state of NY).

3a) 2015: First Lawsuit in History against NYPD for not enforcing animal cruelty law (failed due to lack of standing, which we vow to correct on our next filing) (related to 3 Filing).

4) Filed the First Legal Brief in History (as a legal response in a housing issue) applying the ONE DROP RULE used in Jim Crowe days to compare Breed Specific Legislation against pit bull type dogs, successful, video produced (state of OK).

5) 2016 Filed the First Lawsuit in History by a Paralegal to have a dog removed from bite hold, successful in one hearing (state of West Virginia).

6) December 2016 Filed the First Lawsuit in History either by a Paralegal or Attorney comparing a dog to a child as a life (in allowing the ability to file an emergency injunction later than civil law permitted, state of Iowa).

7) 2017 Filed the First Lawsuit in History either by a Paralegal or Attorney describing the dog on bite hold as having a “soul” or nephesh in Hebrew meaning living, breathing creature (state of Virginia). (Zois et al v. City of Des Moines, Animal Rescue League 2016).

8) Deeogee, First Bite Hold Dog released either by Paralegal or Attorney, by pre-litigation with attorney at the Department of Health NYC, 2012.

9) Filed the First Amicus Curiae in History either by a Paralegal or Attorney to a Virginia Court to release the dog Jasper on bite hold (accompanied by the Second Campaign in History to Beg for a Governor’s Pardon, first on-line as the first request was in 1994 in NJ), ongoing 2017. 

 10) Started the First Protest Campaign Against New York Animal Care and Control in Feb 2011, with back-to-back protests for five years straight and criminal complaints filed.  Hosted the Largest Animal Rights Protest in NYC history for 25 years with 300 confirmed attendees at City Hall in September 2014 to Build True No Kill Shelters in Queens and the Bronx, and garner support for an OPEN BID to end the “three families of rescue” in NYC (NY-ACC, Mayor’s Alliance, ASPCA). 

11) Invented the term “TRUE NO KILL” (2012) in response to organizations fraudulently using the term “No Kill” thereby committing fraud (will file a criminal complaint against any organization that uses the term, rescue or shelter, for fraud if they are not in agreement with the terms laid out by NoKillAdvocacyCenter.Org.

12) Invented the usage of the color RED (2012) for animal rights protests, having established a Facebook page encouraging the movement to be well-recognized among the public during a demonstration, tee-shirts, hats, jackets, posters, etc.

13) Invented #sleepoutforanimals campaign in which we SLEEP OUTSIDE in protest (2015).

14) Invented the term “HOLDING A DOG HOSTAGE” and “HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS” when I successfully negotiated the return of a stolen dog for $1,000 cash no questions asked (unspayed basset hound stolen from blind woman in Queens) in about 1997 (we met in a “dark alley”).  The dog was found through contacts at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and it was discovered that there was a connection to a breeding facility in Virginia.  A celebratory photo was taken at the District Attorney’s office at Nassau County.  (TOHAS used a Decompression Chamber in the past by sucking out oxygen from animals to suffocate them to death, which was ended at some point.)  This term also applies to when animal control facilities refuse to release a dog or cat when requested by a rescue (CAARA has been proposed since to allow any 501c3 rescue without violations to pull animals from any facility rather than be refused.)


New York Animal Rights Alliance America

Starting June 2009:

Seven-year campaign against Cole Brothers, which helped end their tour in the Northeast (particularly Orange County) covering protests for eight hours each day.

Protest Campaign against Charles River Laboratories, one of the biggest if not the biggest animal supplier to the Vivisection Industry (including Huntingdon Life Sciences in NJ).

In February 2011, we kicked off our (Inter) National Protest Against Kill Pounds and BSL.

Our group with our Oklahoma group ended a one-year wildly successful campaign to END  THE GASSING OF ANIMALS in the city of Shawnee, an extremely controversial and politically complicated scenario, this campaign warrants a book onto itself.   Criminal complaints still pending. (2015-16)

Hosted a Protest in Fayetteville North Carolina, the first of its kind there against nightly sharp shooting of stray dogs. The contract to a Texas entity was ended. (2013)

The campaign to end Breed Specific Legislation in Iowa has begun this year 2017 with lawsuits, criminal complaints, rallies and protests, ongoing. 

The campaign to repeal the banning of the feeding of cats is under way in Ridgefield, NJ, in which I charged with the false violation of harassment against a proponent of the ban, (ongoing), 2016-17.  We will be headed to Florham Park, NJ.

The campaign to investigate the NJ-SPCA and prosecutor’s office as to why a dog named Sully was starved to death and the abuser was NOT charged with a third degree misdemeanor (only charged a fine) as proscribed by Patrick’s Law, that campaign will be a 10-part video series (ongoing). 

The campaign to expose slander and “fake news” in the animal rights and rescue arena. I will be filing a lawsuit against an individual(s) that have posted massive lies about me including “scamming” and other actual criminal activity. A video series will be produced to teach activists as to the anti-SLAPP laws and bring people through the experience of surviving massive slander (ongoing).

Maintained dog/cat rescue over 25 years.

 Protests, NY-ACC:
Feb 2011, Times Square 15 attendees.
June 2011, Herald Square, 50 attendees.
July 2011, Washington Square, 75 attendees.
July 2011, New York Animal Care and Control Board Meeting, with 100 attendees, mostly wearing RED and carrying signs. The hall could not hold the attendees. I spoke and made a speech as to garnering 1,000 protestors in Queens and 1,000 protestors in the Bronx to build True No Kill Shelters. As a result of our protest at the Board Meeting, another organization was able to tap Scott Stringer to act as a proxy regarding the massive incompetence at the facility.
2012, Queens Receiving Center, 75 attendees, NY1 coverage.
2012, Bronx Receiving Center, 75 attendees, we hosted a parade and marching band down the streets, video never released.

2012 Brooklyn ACC, 100 activists in 100 degree heat.
2013, Michael Vick protest at Nike with video for awareness.

2013, Queens Catering Hall, Protest & Rally with Vegan Buffet (First Dog and Cat Rescue Organization to Encourage Vegan-Only Events for Dogs & Cats), many speakers including mayoral hopefuls (one of which gained a seat at NYC Council).  Massive slander from a jealous crazed activist reported fake news of scamming from this event with lawsuit still pending.

2013-2017, Rescue dog stolen by three conspiring individuals, Muttkiss, with 95 page criminal complaint filed and considered “civil” – lawsuit is still pending with a law being designed to end the transfer of dogs and cats as a civil matter (ongoing).

 2014, City Hall protest, the largest animal rights protest in 25 years with 300 confirmed attendees.

 2015, The First SIT-OUT IN HISTORY at NY-ACC, where we sat outside and demanded True No Kill and an OPEN BID (we are the first and only group in history to demand that the laws be charged at the state level so that the government bureaucratic nonprofit entity with government cronies be replaced with a real True No Kill Animal Rescue Organization).

2016, Sleep-Out protests NY ACC (two), one at an animal abuser’s house in Crown Heights Brooklyn in 25 degrees and snow.

December 2016, Sleep-out protest and rally at Shawnee, OK, to end gassing.

January 2017, Hosting Protest and Rally at Animal Rescue League for sending their attorney to kill bite hold dogs (that are not really aggressive).

 2011 “Coffee Dog” Protest with two-part video produced, protested right at Shea Stadium, unresolved, however, Dept of Agriculture would be interested in pursuing if it arises again.

2012, Protest in Brooklyn, 100 attendees in 100 degree heat, NY ACC (noted above also).

2016 Protest, Co-Host of Ongoing campaign at Maricopa, Arizona, recently garnered about 100 protests in two nights straight, protesting horrid conditions there.

2016 Protest, Anti-Bear Hunting Two-Part Protest with video produced for awareness, at Capital Building in Trenton.

2015 Protest, Attended Anti-Bear Hunting Protest at weight station and produced a video of the event for awareness.

2016, Produced Nonprofit Raising Video Public Service Announcement, 20 minutes, for cat rescue.

2015, Speaker at Girls Catholic High School, Brooklyn, ARA topic.

2016, Regular on local political radio show 14 shows, hosting three one-half hour shows solo on animal rights.

July 2016

2016, Hosted Protests against a dog murderer who killed someone’s dog in Queens, produced video of victim and attended trials, met with DA of the new animal investigation division, abuser convicted of felony with five years probation.

2016, Political Campaigns with Legal and Rescue Assistance to Free Bite Hold Dogs, Blue dog in OK, Two Dogs in MN, Leah in Virginia and others.

*Anytime in my curriculum vitae that it was felt that it was a “first” we could not find another instance of that accomplishment occurring.  Should someone come forward with information that states that my accomplishment might have been second or third or tenth, it would be welcomed gladly.  We are all links in a chain and everyone contributing is what is important.

Our organization has been FULLY SELF-FUNDED, with donations not even equaling the amount of cat food that is used for our rescue.

On a personal level in 2016, I was helping a homeless person when I was stabbed multiple times and fought off my attacker who was arrested and imprisoned.  I have worked in the medical field for decades as medical assistant, nursing aide and surgical assistant, as well as medical paralegal for work comp and personal injury.


13 thoughts on “Who is Kate Riviello?

  1. Kate, how can my few words of support ever express who you truly are?
    Over the several years that I’ve known you, you have dedicated your life to trying to save so many abused and adoptable animals sitting behind high kill shelter bars…about to take their final walk down the hallways to their death sentence by euthanasia injection.
    You have inspired many thousands of people across North America to gather peacefully and sleep outside overnight, exposed to the elements, simply to raise awareness about BSL and other serious, urgent animal welfare issues.
    You have so much compassion for others, that you invited a complete stranger who showed up in your neighbourhood, into your home…to make her a meal and give her a comfortable bed in a private room for the night.
    She attacked you from behind, with a massive blow over your head and a serious stab through your abdomen, while you were cooking a meal for her.
    And even though you’ve suffered with your injuries for many months, you’ve never let up with your commitment to and compassion for others in need.
    If anyone doubts your authenticity and kindness, they only have to scroll through several years of your posts on Facebook, to understand how real and compassionate you are.
    Sharon Kite
    Ottawa, ON,


    1. I have participated at ACC NYC, City Hall protests organized by Kate Rivello. She is a passionate advocate for the animals. She is knowledgeable, dedicated fine classy lady.. her protests are well organized and peacefull. I support her and appreciate her LOVE for ANIMALS and share her beliefs to make the world a better place for you,me and animals who are suffering and homeless. In today’s world we need more advocates like Kate helping to STOP overpopulation and CRUELTY towards animals. Kate’s is a wonderful human being who has love,inspiration to give. Blessings for her and the work that she devotes to,this important cause.




  2. She is the voice of abused and neglected animals. She never stops fighting and educating other people on the welfare of animals. Since I hooked up with her on Facebook, I’ve learned so much including how the circus abuses animals. Thank you Kay for your work.


  3. I have known Kate for several years now. From what I have witnessed during this time, I can attest that she is a highly energetic, passionate and relentless advocate for animal rights. Once she engages an issue, her perseverance and passion becomes clearly evident. I am glad to be part of her team, as I would not want to be an adversary……. Thanks for all you do, Kate!


  4. Ms. Kate is a very compassionate and caring person, for those that can’t speak up for themselves . Kate has never given a second thought when a animal needs help. Behind Kate’s great work I now know the true horrors that happens behind the doors of New Yorks A.C.C. and all those helpless animals that die daily when they are healthy and happy animals that were betrayed by a human . Kate deserves a medal of honor as I know this heartbreaking work she does daily is not easy.


  5. Kate is a very strong woman who cares about animals big and small,wild or tame. Though her I learned a lot about how animals suffered everyday, and how they need us to be their voice. Kate would spend her last dime, all her time and whatever else is necessary to save a animal.


  6. I recently met Kate and asked her for her friendship as I have seen and heard many stories about the good she has done to help those that cannot help themselves. This woman, Kate Riviello is someone to look up to, someone to respect, someone to follow and be proud of. She is a kind and caring person working hard for animals every where. I am truly blessed to have met this woman.


  7. Kate is one encredable person .She is the voice for the animals.I meet her through Facebook and found out the she was doing a animal rights protest in time square NYC .Never been to NY in my life never mind a animals protest but had to be there to meet her .I wish I could do half as much she does for animals rights


  8. “….we cannot rescue our way out of overpopulation”

    For this longtime rescuer, these words from Kate Riviello will stick with me till the day I die. She literally opened my eyes. I had been going about it the wrong way….the only way many of us know in rescue. I wish I could start over. Her solid approach to animal advocacy is critical in making headway in reversing a mindset spanning generations.

    Kate’s commitment to what is essential in exposing the root cause of the inhumane treatment of animals is steadfast in the message of unity within our communities; we are all responsible. Her loud and measured voice for those that cannot speak for themselves is one for education and immediate action against the unjust.

    She is a ‘DOER”…make no mistake. There is a legal and ethical path that Kate has paved in her pursuits. This is obviously her wheelhouse; she knows the court and government systems and has a resume to prove her success.

    If only more of us thought this way about ending the senseless and sometimes brutal abuse and killing of sentient beings amongst us. We have no right to hurt them. As a leader and unrelenting force, she can work wonders one step at a time.


  9. I’ve known Kate since 2011 and her dedication and drive to reach all of her goals is unsurpassed. Both animals and humans are fortunate to have her in their corner as she’s lead by compassion and a thirst for justice on their behalf. Simply put, the world is a better place because of Kate Riviello and I feel blessed to know and work with her.


  10. Kate has dedicated her life to animals. She is the ONLY person I know that will travel across the Country to save a companion from euthanasia.

    Even when Kate was viciously attacked and stabbed, she took little time off from her rescue endeavors.

    It is rare to find someone who “walks her talk” but that is what Kate does every single day. It isn’t unusual for Kate to call me at 8:30 or 9:00, after a long day of working for animals ….. She doesn’t stop. When we talk, it is always about saving another life or brining to light to abuses in some shelter.

    Kate has used her paralegal experience to file briefs, all over the United States, in hopes of saving each one.

    I can say, without a doubt, if someone had a issue with their animal being sentenced to death, I would be confident in referring them to Kate.

    You can’t save them all but nobody tries harder, to do just that, than Kate.


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