Shawnee, OK: Victorious Removal of the Gas Box – The End of a One-Year Campaign.



 Who:  Dawn Gambrell, (405) 481-9705, Michael Rhoades (405) 921-4052 and Kate Riviello (845) 856-7366.

What:  Removal of Gas Box from the Shawnee Animal Control facility.

NoKill-NewYork.Org in conjunction with advocate representatives in Shawnee, Oklahoma,  have announced that after a year of advocacy there, working closely with the Shawnee Police Department, the gas box will now be removed.

In October 2015, Riviello released a video presentation on Facebook:

(link to page:

regarding a proposal to end gassing at Shawnee Animal Shelter.  In that presentation, requests that the administrator of the department be relieved, that two animal control officers could be transferred, a veterinarian could perform “euthanasia by injection”, along with suggestions for longer hours and funding for more comprehensive spay and neuter were presented to the public.  Most all of the suggestions outlined in her video were implemented.  After Gambrell appeared before the City Council with a discussion about the video-proposal October 2015, the City Manager, Mr. Erickson, announced that gassing would end by February 29, 2016 and a veterinarian would be brought on board.

When the administrator left Shawnee Animal Shelter in February 2016, the local police department took over the duties installing Major Taylor to oversee operations.  Since March 1, 2016, Taylor states regretfully that about 10 feral cats and one injured dog in the middle of the night were gassed, but systematic gassing of animals had ceased since that time.

On September 20, 2016, Chief Wilson and Major Taylor announced to Riviello of that they are now prepared to go forward in removing the gas box completely.   A local Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program was discussed and will be implemented for roaming cats.  The police department is also looking forward to expanding the number of kennels in the facility.  An event to cover its actual physical removal is pending. blurb


2 thoughts on “Shawnee, OK: Victorious Removal of the Gas Box – The End of a One-Year Campaign.

  1. I retired from the city because I could no longer work for department heads with no integrity, if you work under people like that the public assume you too have no integrity. It would be interstesting if you in fact found out the truth. Would surprise a lot of people to know the facts instead of the lies.


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