Media Alert: Protest Dr. Jay Kuhlman, Board of Directors, New York Animal Control, for New Policy of SPAY KILL with ASPCA




DATE/TIME:  Today, February 24, 2018, 1-3pm.

LOCATION:  37 East 19th St, Dr. Jay Kuhlman, Veterinarian’s Office, Board Member NY Animal Control.

WHAT:  Protest Against the New Policy of SPAY KILL with ASPCA to surgically alter animals BEFORE they even have an adopter or rescue and most end up killed or die in their cages from postoperative complications.

HOST:  Kate Riviello ( , New York Animal Rights Alliance America


Fresh off the home protest of Risa Weinstock, CEO of New York Animal Control in Manhasset, Long Island, Kate Riviello now proceeds to protest at the business of Dr. Jay Kuhlman, a veterinarian on the Board of Directors specifically for the issue of their new “spay kill” policies.

Last September, when having appeared in NY Post for a protest and march to Gracie Mansion, the issue then was the fraudulent numbers of animals killed that the NY-ACC have released to the public with continued secret killing of adoptable cats and dogs.

As the secret killing continues with only 18 hours on the kill list for the public, the ASPCA has stepped in with what Riviello believes is a “sweetheart deal” between the entities.  She alleges that students and residents are performing these surgical procedures and that money is being exchanged for the favor of allowing it.  She states that she will file a lawsuit with an information subpoena to get to the bottom of it.

“Can you imagine that these poor little cats and dogs totally scared out of their minds to lose their families and shoved into these disease-ridden cages are then forced to undergo surgery?  And then salt to the wound, they then kill the poor dog or cat with their fresh painful stitches!  And a proper evaluation of the dog or cat cannot be performed without any decompression time whatsoever.  Some of them have died in their cages.”

The approximately 20 protesters will be holding signs that say “STOP SPAY KILL” and “FIRE DR. KUHLMAN” and wearing red in front of Dr. Kuhlman’s private veterinary practice.

Link to video at Risa Weinstock’s House in December 2017


Link to event page on Facebook:



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