Media Alert: Protest at Home of June Wiggins-Hercules to Demand An Arrest


EVENT: Protest and Demonstration at the Home of June Wiggins-Hercules of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY to Demand that She Be Arrested for Animal Cruelty for Two Dogs Left Out in Blizzard.

DATE: January 29, 2016, starting Friday evening 8pm.

WHO: NoKill-NewYork.Org, host, phone (845) 856-7366, Kate Riviello, President.

WHERE: Home of June Wiggins-Hercules 1035 President Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Last year, as reported in The NY Post, Kate Riviello of filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for not enforcing animal cruelty law for a dog named Jake left outside all winter in Staten Island. That lawsuit was tossed out in Superior Court for “lack of standing” with the judge stating that the activists did not personally suffer. Riviello contends that common sense should have prevailed and the perpetrators of leaving dogs outside to freeze in the winters of NY should be arrested.

According to precedent setting case law in NY state, a doghouse should have insulation, be off the ground, have a flap and the dog should have a constant source of water 24/7. Since Wiggins-Hercules was found in violation with the senior dogs howling into the night and a neighbor videotaping for evidence, the group contends that she should be arrested. Riviello states that it is a misdemeanor to allow a dog to suffer in extreme inclement weather so as to sustain physical injury and extreme stress.

The group will stand outside of the house and hold signs, wear red, chant, and videotape an educational video with the contemplation of a lawsuit to be filed against the NYPD.

UPDATE 2/3/16:  We will be posting the video of the protest where we slept outside this house for ten hours in 24-27 degrees at night.  We have activists on the lookout at 3am when neighbors state that they hear the dog howling every night.  Most importantly, we are going forward with the lawsuit to have Wiggins arrested and the remaining dog seized.


9 thoughts on “Media Alert: Protest at Home of June Wiggins-Hercules to Demand An Arrest

    1. Thank you Evelyn! We are filing a lawsuit now against the NYPD for not effecting an arrest and seizing the remaining dog. We have monitors there now every night to record the howling – please keep watch there until we can resolve this matter. All of your neighbors are on your side! Thank you!!


  1. So you sit there and do nothing waiting for others to do what you could? Water food bed blankets …house seems to be there in the picture. Solve the issues don’t cause them…


  2. Can’t be there, but please know I’m with you in spirit all the way from Texas and I thank you for working so hard on this. These precious babies deserve to be loved.


  3. I also live too far to be there but I am thankful that there are people like all of you who will be the voice for this poor dog and for so many more I am sure ( unfortunately). Please keep us posted. Public shame does work! Hopefully others who come in contact with this evil woman will shame her as well! Keep up the pressure!


  4. I see another big storm is heading in. I hope with all of my heart that the remaining dog will be taken from this evil person (and i use that term loosely) and reunited with it’s companion. Does anyone know where the other dog is? And won’t someone please take both of them? I am so glad at least one dog got out, but it must be awful for both of them to be separated. If I didn’t live so far away and only have an apartment, I would drive up there and take them both. Thank you to all of the brave and selfless people that have stood watch over this situation. As the person above said, we are with you in spirit. Thank you for showing us that compassion and humanity still exist in a world so full of willful blindness and cruelty.


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