Protest Michael Vick as NFL Honorary Captain on Jan 18 NYC – Worldwide, & Jan 26 Orlando FL.










Protest Against the National Football League (NFL) for Honoring *Michael Vick* as ProBowl Captain.

Who:  Organizers, Kate Riviello, Julie Elrod.


 FIRST DAY OF PROTESTJanuary 18, 2020 – 12 noon to 2pm (rain or shine!)

The objective of the protest, along with the over one million signatures on petitions by other groups including Animal Viktory, is to compel the National Football League to rethink honoring Michael Vick as honorary captain, a convicted felon who engaged in dog fighting activities for over six years with exquisite horrible details revealed to the public about their torture and deaths.  The campaign is directed to Roger Goodell, CEO of the NFL Board of Directors.  Dog lovers across the nation are outraged and have called for a boycott of all sponsors.  Animal activists state that he did not serve time for animal cruelty but instead for federal charges of racketeering/conspiracy and that Michael Vick has never expressed sincere remorse.   We have requested that everyone nationwide protest wearing red and use the hashtag #ditchvick.  (Desmond’s Army from Connecticut with Zilla Monstrella attending NYC.)

Multiple Locations:

New York City:  345 Park Avenue, at 51st Street, NFL Headquarters.

Los Angeles City Hall, CA (Angel Parisi).

Boston City Hall, MA.

Milwaukee, WI- Brando Lee.

Richardson, TX:  411 W. Arapaho Rd 12-2pm (Erin Warren).

More to be announced.

SECOND DAY OF PROTESTJanuary 26, 2020, 12 noon to 4pm.

If Michael Vick is not removed from the honor of ProBowl Captain, a protest will be hosted One Citrus Bowl Place, Camping World Stadium, Orlando, FL at the corner of Church and Nashville Streets on January 26, 2020 from 12 noon to 4.  The protest in Orlando will feature two aerial banners from planes overhead that state, “No Michael Vick We Will Never Forget” and another banner stating “Goodell & the NFL Support Dog Torturers.”  The aerial banners will fly over the stadium before the event begins. There will also be a mobile billboard.

Kate Riviello, animal rights paralegal for almost two decades, filed the first lawsuit in history equating a dog to a child successfully using the argument that a dog is a “soul” (in Hebrew “nephesh”) according to the Bible as a “living, breathing creature.”   She continued, “We do not view animals as property and we do not view people as owners but rather guardians of precious lives.”  (Contact info (845) 856-7366,, )

Julie Elrod is an independent rescuer and animal advocate, owner of the American Academy of Martial Arts in Columbia, Maryland, who stated, “A convicted felon does not deserve to be honored as a Captain of the NFL.”  She continued that, “Not only is it a terrible example for children, it dishonors the thousands of dog lives that were lost during the worst reign of dog fighting abuse in history.”  (Contact info (410) 707-9871,

Link to NYC event page January 18, 2020:

Link to Orlando event page January 26, 2020:




173 thoughts on “Protest Michael Vick as NFL Honorary Captain on Jan 18 NYC – Worldwide, & Jan 26 Orlando FL.

    1. This is disgusting. Goodell and anyone who supports this trash, should be banned. He murdered! How is that honorable? I’m sure there are players who are first of all good, and second of all worth an award of this magnitude. Instead you choose this piece of sh5t? People who support this are the definition of psychopath.

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  1. I hear some people say that he paid his Legal debt, so why ruin his life and take away what he loves? My answer is he chose to ruin his life when he did the horrendous things he did. You choose to do it = life ruined. It’s as simple as that. He does not ever deserve to return to what he loves… a very small price for his crimes. Ban him from the NFL for LIFE!

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  2. I feel since he wasnt prosecuted properly, more abusers and dog fighting have been popping up everywhere. Their football idol got away with it so they think its ok to still do. Maybe if Vicks was prosecuted and given the punishment he so deserved it would of sent out a greater message, that no matter who you are, you are not above dog fighting or torture and abuse of animals. Now they are honoring him, this message is the worse they can promote. Its saying kill and abuse all the animals you want and you can still be honored this is a very sick message

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  3. I can not comprise my feelings of utter disgust from what this man did to living beings. Mostly though, he is showing NO remorse. Shame on the NFL for even considering this.

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  4. This person should never be Considered he’s a horrible person for what he has done. I know that theirs so many better people than he’s


      1. Shucks! Doesn’t ship to Mountain View, Hawaii 96771. Maybe because of POB as we’re in rural area? Anyway, tackle Vick in First Qtr, at start of the game. Hit him, with no remorse, as hard as he hit those poor innocent, big-brown-eyes dogs, as if their lives didn’t matter. ALL LIFE MATTERS!

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  5. Yes my child, I want you to grow up just like him….torture…maim..kill…for the fun of its
    NFL…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING. You don’t disappoint though, protect the players above all. $$$$$ above decency.

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    1. Screw the petition. More than a million people signed multiple petitions, and the NFL commissioner basically said, “screw you people.” It’s time to boycott the NFL AND all of their sponsors! It’s the only way we can make our voices heard…by denying them access to our funds.

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  6. I can’t fathom a huma n doing what he did the cries from these abused dogs. The people who want to honor him are just as bad. He really hasnt shown remorse. He doesn’t care. But people with hearts do. He is a piece of useless meat.

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  7. He’s a sorry excuse of a human being! He should be banned from the NFL, he is NOT a role model for anyone!!!

    There are many more athletes who deserve to be honored!

    This POS deserves to suffer!

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  8. This piece of trash needs to be tortured the way he did the many of innocent souls!
    He doesn’t even deserve to be in jail, he needs to be chained up and beaten!

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  9. That loser should not be able to play in football you should be in jail but that’s not the way it will go because our world is screwed up so instead let him play football but all his money for the next 10 years gets donated to animal cruelty

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  10. For everyone who cannot be at the live protests take your stand by NOT WATCHING, and let Goodell know why you are not watching!!! Hurt them in the pocketbook and they might get off their arrogant asses and change???????

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  11. Michael Vick is an evil entity. It sickens me that he is being honored. A psychopath who kills and hurts dogs should get his next honor, in HELL.


  12. As an animal cruelty investigator, I’m horrified and angered that they would HONOR a felon who “enjoyed” the torture of not only the dogs imprisoned on his property, but the countless victim bait dogs that were stolen from their loving families; thrown into a ring and torn apart by the dogs he forced to perform for he and his sick followers. Goodell needs to rethink this decision. No respect here. God bless each and every victim of Vick.

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  13. Michael Vick is a horrible human and not someone that ANYONE should be looking up to. Anyone who picks on the most vulnerable of souls does not deserve an ounce of respect and certainly shouldn’t be celebrated for anything! He gave up that right when he decided to abuse animals. Perhaps we should do to him what he did to them.

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    1. I’d sure sign a Petition for that!!! He should be brought to a forest and have a pack of dogs be turned loose
      on him. GRR;-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


  14. Vick doesn’t deserve any kind of accolades and should have been banned from football for life. This is not a person who should be made a role model, he is not what we want our young to emulate.


  15. Put him in with the dogs.
    Take him down! I have no tolerance for ANYONE, no matter how famous or what they do for a living, that abuses any of Gods creatures.

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  16. I thought He Paid His Debt to Society and has been involved in Charities as well has been a Animal Rights Activist Nationwide,….!? You All need to Stop the Hate and Understand that Fact,…..!


  17. It will do little good….there are just too many of these rabid football fans out there and if you are white and protest him you will most likely be labelled a racist.


  18. So this is the best you have. A disgusting being that tortured & hung dogs. I don’t care if he served in prison🐀. In our eyes it should not be a felon.. never!!!! Who nominated him I want to know.. they should remove themselves
    In the world today this cannot be acceptable
    He should not own a dog & hopefully it’s being monitored. Evil. Vick you are a serial animal killer


  19. Vick paid the price and has made reparations. Why must he be punished in perpetuity for crimes committed 10 years ago?

    Before he is condemned forever, consider the origination of dog fighting for African Americans. Consider the white slave masters who sent dogs after those slaves who ran for their freedom. Consider the white slave masters treated slaves as animals, and sicked their dogs on the slaves as punishment, and even worse… Sadly enough, Vick treated the dogs no worse than the slave masters treated his ancestors.

    Vick is a success story, who was punished, paid his price to society, repented and found his way with God.


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